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12 Worship Songs that will Revitalize Your Quiet Time

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Inside: These 12 worship songs will add a new dimension to your quiet time with God. Next time you need words to pray or want to feel closer to God watch a few of these YouTube videos.

A few years ago I started keeping a playlist of worship songs that I liked or ones that spoke to me. Whenever I heard a song on the radio that blessed me in some way I looked it up on YouTube. I didn’t have a radio at home and I wanted to have some good Christian music to listen to.

I was out running errands one day, listening to the radio, singing a worship song and suddenly I started to cry.

Here are a few of the lyrics:

Good intentions
Never saved a soul
They never changed reality
You had to die for me
Cause I’m only human, you mend me
Tried so hard and still get lost
Give our all, but nothing’s complete
We need your love so strong
And I’m so flawed that you know I’m gonna fall
And you catch me
Your mercy
Your grace
My faith gives me strength to feel perfectly safe
Cause you’ll catch me

I don’t know about you but I make a lot of mistakes trying to get it “right”. I think I know what I need to do but then it ends up being a mistake. Then there’s the aftermath of a choice that seemed right at the time but ended up being out of God’s will.

I worry that I’ll really blow it one day. Completely miss out on the breakthrough that God has for me.

Can you relate?

Listen, we make mistakes. There’s no way to avoid it. Even when we seek God’s guidance there’s a chance that we may not get it 100% right. It’s easy to beat ourselves up and think that we are beyond hope and help. That’s a lie from the enemy.

God loves us. He loves you. He knows that you are going to make mistakes and He is waiting to catch you. You will be safe in His arms. And it took that song to remind of that.

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These 12 worship songs will add a new dimension to your quiet time with God. Next time you need words to pray or want to feel closer to God watch a few of these YouTube videos.

Why You Should Add Worship Songs to Your Quiet Time

1. To Put Words to Your Feelings

That morning while I was running errands I was trying to sort through my feelings. Being in a funk for a long time can often be overwhelming. I knew that I was feeling a lot of something but I couldn’t express exactly what it was.

As I listened to the words of that song that morning I realized that they were literally singing my feelings. All the things that I was struggling to make sense of where suddenly clear as I listened to the music.

2. To Find Words when you can’t pray

Just like there are times when I can’t put words to my emotions … I often struggle to find the words to pray. When the weight of my circumstance feels too heavy. Or the burdens of others are more than I can bare I find myself singing my prayers.

God always brings a hymn to mind during these times. But often as I listen to other worship music I begin to pray the lyrics to my Lord and Savior. As I pray the burden lifts and I often find myself able to pray again.

3. To remember who God is and what He’s promised you

My favorite reason for adding worship songs to my quiet time with God is to help me focus on Him and what He is doing in my life. Those songs that are written as if God is speaking directly to me.

Yes, I often hear God’s voice through the lyrics of a good worship song.

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12 Worship Songs That Will Revitalize Your Quiet Time with God

1. Elevation Worship – O Come to the Altar

2. Chris Tomlin – Jesus Loves Me

3. Lauren Daigle – How Can it Be

4. Kari Jobe – I am Not Alone

5. Natalie Grant – Clean

6. Passion – My Heart is Yours

7. I am They – Make a Way

8. Eddie James – Breakthrough

9. Gateway Worship – Grace that Won’t Let Go

10. Ellie Holcomb – Find You Here

11. Geoffrey Golden – Glory to the Lamb

12. Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys

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Your Turn: Do you have a favorite worship song?

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  1. Jessica Diaz says:

    Absolutely love most of the songs you listed. I have a fave worship list on youtube that I just play over and over while at work. Keeps me focused on him. Love you are my freedom, good good father, spirit of the living God, melodys from heaven, and let it rain.

  2. Great blog! I love Grateful by Elevation Worship and Death Was Arrested by North Point Insideout

  3. This is such a great list! Although I can’t sing nicely at all, worship is a huge part of my faith. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

  4. Annie (me) says:

    Yeah, Chris Tomlin is my go to for worship songs, too. Along with the great songs on this list I also love Lift Me Up by The Afters; *My Redeemer Lives by Hillsong (Live); He Reigns by Newsboys; Living Hope by Phil Wickham; Magnify by We Are Messengers; One True God by Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris Tomlin … among so many others. GOD IS SO GOOD – AND HE IS IN CONTROL! 🙏🙏🙏

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