Spiritual Renewal During Hard Times

I remember the first time I began to realize that God wanted to use my hard times to renew my faith. It wasn’t the answer I was seeking when I first began to pray. I was having a hard time and I just needed to know that there was a purpose to all the pain I was dealing with.

I had been praying some very specific prayers for a long time and God wasn’t answering them. At least I didn’t think He was. I had made the mistake of trying to tell God how to work out my situation and I was growing frustrated by His unwillingness to do things my way.

I was tired of waiting. The trial had gone on for so long and I was battle-weary and exhausted. I was ready for it to be over. And I don’t think those desires or feelings were wrong. I was just missing the point.

God wanted me to grow during this time. He wanted me to be renewed during the struggle so I could make it to victory.

3 Ways God Brings Spiritual Renewal During Hard Times

Seasons of waiting can be hard but they can also be a time of spiritual renewal and growth. Today I want to show you a few different ways to experience spiritual renewal when you are going through a trial.

God wants to renew your heart

As you turn to God with your heartache and your struggles, something incredible happens… your heart begins to change. When we seek God for answers and help, He begins to work from the inside out.

You will find that you start to see your actions the way God does. Your sin is exposed and you are able to repent and return to the narrow path God has just for you. And as you begin to walk in obedience you will experience God’s blessings.

God wants to renew your mind

One of the biggest battles during a trial goes on in your mind. Your thoughts lie to you. Your emotions threaten to consume you. You start to believe that things are hopeless. Anxiety and fear haunt you as you try to sleep at night. They all point to the same lie: God doesn’t love you enough to come through.

As you wait on God, you learn to take those thoughts captive and replace them with the truth. As you anchor yourself in the truth you will find that it’s easier to stand firm on God’s promises and be secure in your identity as a daughter of the King!

God wants to renew your strength

In the beginning of a trial, I often feel powerless and weak. Life has a way of beating us down. But God tells us that when we are weak, He is made strong. When we realize that we have unlimited power in God, it helps us keep standing when things seem impossible.

God will carry you from impossibility to possibility if you just keep praying and believing. You’ll see Him work miracles on your behalf. You will have peace in the midst of the storm. And nothing that the devil throws at you will shake you.

Ultimately, God wants those hard times to bring spiritual renewal to your life. As you allow Him to renew your heart, mind, and strength it becomes easier to walk through the fire. You’ll be able to hold onto your hope and dream about all the blessings that are coming your way!

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