The 15 Minute Daily Routine That Will Make Your Faith Stronger

Inside: This simple trick is the best way to start your quiet time routine every day so you can grow your faith through prayer and Bible study.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I’m already exhausted from thinking about all things that I need to cross off my to-do list for the day.

Of course, I still have a long road ahead before I can relax at the end of the day:

  • Homeschool lessons with the boys
  • A load (or 3) of laundry
  • Meals to prep and cook
  • Work that needs to be done so I can keep paying the bills
  • Tidying the house so it’s not a complete disaster when we all wake up the next day

At the top of my list, each morning is the one that must be done if I’m going to make it through the day without completely losing it: my quiet time with God.

Here’s the truth

I’m a single mom of 3 boys, WAHM, and I homeschool. I’m busy. Trying to do an hour straight doesn’t allow me to accomplish much because I get interrupted. So chunks of 15 minutes throughout the day work best.

I spend about 45 minutes a day in prayer and Bible study but not all at one time.

I like to think of it as my way of praying without ceasing.

This simple trick is the best way to start your quiet time routine every day so you can grow your faith through prayer and Bible study.

I am not an early riser. I don’t think it’s necessary to be up before the sun. I don’t try to get up before my children because they seem to think 4am is an appropriate wake-up time. (No idea where they get that from)

My goal is to be up by 7. And then I break up my quiet time into the following chunks:

Chunk #1: Quick Start with God

This chunk is meant to focus my heart and mind before I start my day. This is not when I pull out my Bible study or journaling. I’m not trying to go really deep. I just want to start my day off by checking in with God:

  • Singing a song while I make the bed and get myself ready
  • Finding just one verse or passage to read or pull out my current devotion
  • Spend a few minutes in prayer

I’m looking for a nugget to anchor myself throughout the day.

Chunk #2: Deep Dive with God

After school is done and my littlest guy is napping I have some time to go deep with God. I use this time for Bible study. This is anything from working through a video-based study to working through a word or topical study on my own.

The goal is to take at least 15 minutes to go deep in whatever God is sharing with me. I might also use this time for some focused prayer.

Chunk #3: Prayer and Journaling

I like to end my day with prayer. I pray for issues/concerns that have pop up during the day. I take a few minutes to pray as I write my to-do list for tomorrow. I take some time to pray for my friends and family.

This is also when I take some time to journal because I’m able to process and have complete thoughts because my boys are all asleep for the evening. I often make notes of how the anchor verse from that morning blessed me.

I use these 3 daily chunks for quiet time Monday to Friday. I don’t set aside quiet time on Sundays because that’s when we go to church. Once we get home from service I try to rest.

Saturdays are reserved for catching up on anything that I didn’t get to during the week or for another deep dive. Typically I spend time studying (and journaling) more about something that puzzled me during the week or just something I want to know more about. It’s also a day where you’ll find me reading a book on spiritual growth.

The important thing to do is find a routine that works for you. Even if everyone thinks you’re nuts.

I’d love to have an interrupted hour to spend with God every day but in this season of life, I don’t. So I take my 15 minutes where I can grab them.

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