Wasting Time Looking for Your Bible Study Supplies? Create a Quiet Time Basket

Creating a quiet time basket can help you stop wasting time looking for your bible study supplies.

Ever sat down to do your quiet time and realized that you were missing something? You probably got up, went to go find the thing, and came back and either got interrupted, got distracted along the way, or by the time you found what you were looking for your time was up and you needed to move on to something else.

I’ve been there, and today I want to share a tool with you that has helped me stop wasting time and getting distracted by having to go look for the stuff that I need.

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You want to spend that time with God most days. Every day would be ideal, but we’re all about being realistic here. Sometimes you get stuck because you can’t find the things that you need. I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve sat down with my bible and realized I didn’t have the right pen, highlighters, or colored pencils.

Something always goes missing and then I’d have to get up and go searching for it. Or I would have to use an online version of that tool, which is really distracting. Then I’d spent my time scrolling on the internet instead of actually being in the word. 

Years ago, I started using a command center for my faith stuff. Which is a fancy way of saying that I made a quiet time basket. A dedicated space for all the things that I needed for my quiet time. I was able to keep it in a place that was easy to get to and it eliminated all the time wasted running around looking for stuff. 

What Constitutes a Quiet Time Basket

What exactly is a basket for your quiet time with God? It’s a way to organize your bible study supplies, prayer journaling supplies, or any other supplies that you need for your time with God. It’s a way to keep them all in one place.  I purchased my basket from Michael a long time ago.

I just grabbed a pretty sizable one because I had a lot of stuff and wanted to stick everything in there. I’ve seen people use tote bags which are easier to take with you if you need to go somewhere. You can use a bucket, a drawer, or just a corner on a table or the floor, wherever you’re doing your time with God.

It needs to help you keep all your stuff organized and in one place so that you don’t have to waste your time looking for stuff.

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What Goes in Your Quiet Time Basket

Wonder what to put in your quiet time basket? Anything that you’re using for your time with God. I always have my bible, actually both of them.  I have my study bible, which is the one that I mark in and I have a bible that I take with me when I’m going to church. I also keep a  journal that I use to keep track of my bible study notes and prayer requests.

I also like to keep the pens that I use to write my notes, highlighters that I use for color coding my bible, colored pencils, erasers, and index cards. I also keep tissues in there because sometimes I start sobbing when I’m either talking to God or reading something. 

When I was nursing babies all of the time, I used to keep snacks in my quiet time basket. You want to make sure that you have what you need to spend your time with God and nothing else. You don’t want to have a bunch of extra stuff in there that you’re not going to use. Plus it will make your basket very heavy and hard to find what you need.

If you are somebody who likes to have a concordance or a dictionary, that would be something great to have in your basket. I used to keep mine in my basket but it got too heavy, so I took it out.

This is also a great place to keep books that you’re reading. If you’re reading a theology book or something else for spiritual growth you can keep your book in your basket to read before or after you have your quiet time. 

Protecting Your Quiet Time Basket

Keeping your basket in the spot where you plan to spend your quiet time is super important. You want to have all the things together so you don’t have to go looking for them, but you also don’t want to have to go looking for your basket because that can have the same repercussions.

You can get distracted walking around looking for things. Try to keep your basket somewhere that’s right where you can sit down and get started. 

If you’ve got little guys around, you’re probably going to have to spend some time teaching them not to touch mommy’s basket. Tell them something like,  “if it’s in here, please either ask first or just keep your hands off.” You could also make them their own quiet time basket. 

Quiet Time Basket Alternative

Another way that you can get organized without having to have a whole basket is to create a faith journal. If you’re familiar with this concept of bullet journaling, you can take that structure and framework and apply it to a journal or a notebook of your own that’s specifically for your faith.

This is what I have been leaning towards recently because I don’t have a specific space in my apartment where I do my time with God. I do have a basket where all my supplies are, but I have loved being able to just reach in the basket and get my Bible, my journal, and pens and then sit down and have my time with God. 

Remember, your quiet time basket doesn’t have to be a basket. Just think about what’s the best way for you to organize everything that you need for your time with God. You don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money, you can use whatever you have around your house. 

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A quiet time basket will help you be consistent in your time with God because you’ll have everything you need all in one place.

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