Praying the Promises of God During Trials

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Prayer during hard times will give you hope and joy, especially when you pray the promises found in scripture. It will ground you in TRUTH so you can keep fighting the enemy, Here are 4 reasons you should be praying God’s promises.

Almost every email I get from readers asks the same question: How do you make it through hard times? Is it possible to find joy in this hard trial?

I have learned that the key to finding joy and keeping it is by standing on the word of God.  Scripture is full of God’s promises to us and they apply to every area of our lives, especially the hard times. When God makes a promise you can be sure that He will keep it.  And it is this fact that we can hold onto during those hard seasons. This is how we can find joy no matter what we are going through.

4 Things that Happen When You Pray God’s Promises

When you pray the promises of the Lord there are a few things that happen:

Acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of God

The first is that you are acknowledging the sovereignty of God. When you say Lord you have promised this and I believe it you are telling Him that you know who He is and that you believe He’s going to do what he says. Then you can step back, confident in knowing that God is in control. 

Battling the Lies We Believe

Standing on God’s promises helps us fight the lies that our emotions and feelings try to tell us. I have learned over the years that when I’m going through something really hard, my emotions are not reliable. My emotions will tell me to be afraid or anxious. My feelings tell me to worry and that hope is lost. The Bible tells me that none of that is true. God promises that He is with us through all things, so we have nothing to fear and there is always hope.

Keeps Our Focus on the Cross

Praying the promises of God helps us take our focus off our circumstance and puts our focus where help truly comes from. When I am worried and afraid I start to pray the 23rd Psalm. Immediately I feel comfort because I stopped focusing on all of the bad things that are going on and I am reminded of the God I serve. He says that He is my shepherd and He will be with me always, even through the valley of the shadow of death.

Gives us Victory Over the Enemy

This is my favorite thing about praying the promises of God.  When we stand on the promises that God gives us in the Bible we are letting Satan know that he is defeated. The devil cannot stand where there is truth. He cannot succeed when we are standing on the word of God. It’s how we fight back and put him in his place. It’s how we let him know that he can throw anything he wants at us but we will not faint!

Praying the promises of God is key when you are going through hard times. It is the way that you will be grounded in truth. It is the way that you will be able to stay joyful and hopeful even in your darkest moments. 

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  1. Enjoyed reading your encouraging post , Latoya. Joining you today from spot one on the Grace and Truth link-up.

  2. Toni Garcia says:

    Thanks for reminding me to focus on His promises!

  3. This is such an excellent reminder of the steps to take to truly choose God’s joy. I seriously go through these steps and the battles so very often as nothing else can compare in hard times and He is faithful to pull me out time and again! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. It sure does keep our focus on Jesus! It is so easy to lose our focus and get distracted by other things. Praying scripture helps us to get refocused quickly. Thanks for this post and thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth!

  5. Latoya, thank you for this encouraging post. God’s Word is so powerful!

  6. Powerful post! I think what we do during hard times as Christians has more to do with our witness than our praise in times of plenty! I get a smidge annoyed every November reading every one’s thankfulness posts. I always wonder if they could muster that same thankfulness if God hadn’t answered that prayer the way they wanted or they hadn’t gotten the job they applied for or if they hadn’t been cured. Just my ranting… Keep sharing truth! Blessings!

  7. I’m a huge fan of praying God’s Word. It has been the only thing that has made the difference I’ve needed before. Such power in the Word. Great post and thanks for breaking the process down for us. Happy to share????

  8. Susanne Tasquier says:

    Our God is truly AWESOME. HE is the same yesterday, today and Forever….
    HIS promises are there for us, we need to pray scripture more and in so doing hide it in our hearts and think on it.

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