Don’t Be a Slacker Prayer Warrior

It never fails, I’ll be talking with someone and they will ask me to pray for them. In that moment I fully intend to cover that prayer request during my quiet time but I usually forget by the time I get home.

When someone at church or Bible study shares something they are struggling with, my first thought is that I need to remember to pray for them for the rest of the week.

Sometimes I’m able to jot down a prayer request on a post-it or napkin or whatever is close by the moment I hear about it. But then when I’m ready to sit down and pray I can’t find that piece of paper.

I don’t mean to be a prayer slacker. But life happens and I tend to forget.

I bet you can relate!

The Bible is clear that we are to pray for each other. We need to lift each other up especially when times are hard. So how can we get a handle on our prayer slacker tendencies?

How to Stop Being a Prayer Slacker

Stop Waiting to Pray

One way we can stop being prayer slackers and stop forgetting about those precious requests by the time we get home is to learn to just stop and pray right then and there. There’s no reason you have to wait for the perfect time to cover someone in prayer. The perfect time to pray for someone is the instant you know they need it.

I can’t tell you how blessed I’ve been by someone taking a few minutes to just stop what they were doing to pray with me over the phone or in person. There have been days where I walked into church and was greeted by a smile and big hug–and prayer. I didn’t have to say a word. They could just tell by the way I looked that I needed someone to speak a word over me.

Keep checking in

Another thing we need to do is keep praying and checking in with the people we are praying for. First, you won’t know that it’s time to rejoice in the Lord when the prayer is answered if you aren’t checking in. It’s also going to really encourage the other person to know that you didn’t just say you were going to pray and walk away.

When you check in with them from time to time it’s a reminder that you haven’t forgotten about them. A little encouragement for their hearts to hold onto when they feel like they are all alone in their struggles and pain.

How to Keep Track of Prayer Requests

When I committed to be more consistent in covering my friends and family in prayer, I went looking for ways to stay organized. I have found two ways to never forget a prayer request again.

Method #1: Index Cards

I actually got this idea from my friend Candace at His Mercy is New. For prayer requests from close friends and family, I use index cards to keep track of requests. I keep one request per card. On the card I write down the name(s) of the person(s) I’m praying for, the request and the date of the request, and then I usually write out a prayer. I also write out a verse that God brings to mind while I’m praying over this need.

When it’s time for prayer I simply pull out my cards and start praying my way through them. I keep the cards in a little box or on a keyring so I can keep them together or take them with me in my purse. My favorite thing is being able to write down the answers to the prayers!

Method #2: Prayer Request Sheet

One other way I keep track of prayer requests is simply with a sheet of paper I keep in my prayer notebook. I use these for requests that I get in my online prayer community, emails, or church/Bible study. I just make a list of all the requests and I pray over them during the following week. A journal is also a great way to keep track of prayer requests.

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