Do you struggle to hear from God on a consistent basis?

My friend, it's time to start listening through prayer journaling!

The Complete Prayer Journaling Toolkit will help you hear clearly from God so you can feel confident that He is working things out for you!

I hear from so many Christian women who are struggling in their prayer life.

Does any of this sound like you?

Do you struggle to hear clearly from God? Maybe you feel like God is too far away to hear your prayers or care about your pain.

So many ladies long for a deeper, more intimate relationship with God but struggle with consistent time in prayer and Bible study. When they actually do get time to pray something always leaves them distracted and unable to focus.

Can you relate?

When hard times come it's easy to feel so overwhelmed that you struggle to connect with God

  • You don't spend time in the Word and have no idea how God speaks to you
  • You struggle to pray consistently and effectively because you don't know what to say and you aren't sure God actually cares
  • You are so busy trying to figure things out on your own that you haven't taken any time to actually listen for that still small voice

There is hope: God is still speaking to each of us, we just need to learn how to listen.

"I bought the Toolkit because I wanted to strengthen my prayer life. It helped me get back on track with my prayer life. It inspired me to refocus my prayer life."

-Maria, Toolkit customer

Here's what you'll get:

  • Prayer Journaling video course with step by step instructions on how to set up your prayer notebook and get started journaling
  • Digital copy of Come to the Well so that you can learn the truth about intimacy with God
  • Prayer Journaling Prompts - no more getting stuck staring at a blank page
  • ACTS prayer cards to help you focus on God's character and give structure to your prayers

"The prayer journaling toolkit was so easy to put together and even easier to use and stay focused on my prayers and time with Lord."

-Donna, Toolkit purchaser

3 Easy Steps to Hearing from God

How can we learn how to spend consistent time with God so that we can hear clearly from Him on a regular basis?

By learning how to recognize His voice, how to talk to Him, and how to listen when He speaks! I'll show you how in just 3 easy steps.

  • Get to know God by spending time in His Word - We must spend time in God's word if we want to hear clearly from Him. There's no other way to get to know Him and His voice
  • Spend time talking to God through consistent prayer - Make prayer a priority! If we never spend any time talking to God there is no way for Him to lead and direct our paths
  • Spend time listening for God's voice by journaling - Keep what God says to you organized so you can continue to pray over it and not forget what promises God's made to you

The Complete Prayer Journaling Toolkit will help you learn and walk out each of these steps so that you can have a vibrant prayer life and hear God's voice on a regular basis.

When you purchase the Complete Prayer Journaling Toolkit you'll get:

"I find myself referring back to Come to the Well often, it has been a big help. I have found writing my prayers thoughts and feelings out is good for me. It helps me feel closer to God, I feel He is hearing me."

-Bethann, Toolkit purchaser

Prayer Journaling Video Course

In this 3 - part video course you will

  • Get organized and save time with your own prayer notebook
  • Learn how to assemble your prayer notebook and how to include it in your quiet time each day
  • Stay focused and go deeper with prayer journaling
  • Understand what journaling is and why it's important to your prayer life and spiritual growth
  • Incorporate journaling into other spiritual disciplines in your life
  • Learn what scripture says about hearing from God and the different ways that God speaks today
  • Put everything you've learned into action with a practice journaling session

Digital Copy of Come to the Well

As you work through the ideas found in this book you will:

  • Discover and cultivate a deeper relationship with God without worrying about how much time you do or don't have
  • Found out why not know what to write is a GOOD thing and exactly what you should do it you find yourself in that situation
  • Learn why journaling is THE fastest and easiest way to discern God's will for your life EVEN if you feel completely without direction
  • Master the TWO STEP method for unlimited inspiration (that always kills that inner critic) - you won't believe how effortlessly words flow after you've tried this tip
  • Uncover why it doesn't matter if you feel good enough for God and why your past DOES NOT disqualify you from a close relationship with Him
  • Learn the secret to experiencing God's presence in your everyday life - yep He's there in the midst of dishes diaper and laundry

Plus These Downloads:

  • Prayer journaling prompts to help you get started journaling so you don't get stuck not knowing what to write about
  • A set of 20 prayer cards based on the ACTS method of prayer - perfect for helping you know exactly what to say during your prayer

Get The Complete Prayer Journaling Toolkit now so you can pray with confidence and hear clearly from God!

Everyone loves some BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase The Complete Prayer Journaling Toolkit, you'll also get exclusive access to this AMAZING bonus!

How to Create Your Own Prayer Strategy Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to use your prayer notebook to create a prayer strategy for your current situation

After this workshop you will:

  • Understand why a prayer strategy is key to effective prayers
  • How to write super-targeted prayers based on scripture (it's easier than you think)
  • Why your prayer notebook is key to being consistent with your strategy
  • Plus you'll get a pdf prayer strategy template based on The Lord's Prayer

Today's price: $67

WOW! I am impressed and excited! I have been a Christian for 50 years and never have I encountered such wonderful teaching. I have been told for years I need to journal, but no one ever explained how and why. This course was wonderful in guiding me to set up the notebook and explaining the how and why."

-Linda, Toolkit purchaser

I struggled too until I learned this secret ...

Things were hard, but that was normal for me. I was used to struggling and having a difficult time. I just figured it was the way life was. I went from one hard time to the next, hoping to survive long enough to catch a break.

One night, as I sat in my room exhausted from stress, fear, worry, and caring for my children, I wanted to give up. So I did. I threw my hands in the air and cried out to God. I let Him know I couldn’t do it anymore. It was too much for me. I’d tried to fix things but it didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.

I was so lost that I didn’t even know how to pray. I wasn’t even sure if God was listening. And so I just sat there and cried. I cried until I had no more tears and my head hurt. And when I was done I heard a soft whisper, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

God had been there the entire time, just waiting for me to let it all go and give it over to Him.

That night I did something I hadn’t done in a very long time. I picked up my pen and my journal and I began to write. I poured out my heart on those pages. All my fears, my mistakes, my questions, and even all the ways I’d tried to fix things.

It was the beginning of a journey from despair to deliverance and healing. I had to figure out a way to reconnect with God during all the hard things I was dealing with. I knew He held the key to peace and victory and I had to do the work of seeking answers from Him.

And so I wrote in my journal. I wrote down my prayers and the answers that I felt God gave me. I wrote down verses and encouraging words from other people. I wrote out my plans and my desires. 

Every time I found moments to talk to Him, He showed up with grace, hope, love, and comfort. And I began to feel more peace. I began to look forward to each day. I started to feel stronger and less afraid.

If I can do it, so can you!

Here are what other happy customers are saying!

"Really enjoyed this! Puts things in perspective and it relieved some pressure or guilt that we put ourselves through."

"This was so helpful! I took notes and have asked a close friend to become my prayer partner and we will start journaling together."

"All I can say is, "WOW!" I'll be making my Prayer time a priority. Thank you so much LaToya!"

"Yes! Struggling with my prayer life now that I'm retired. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself about spending time with God. Thank you LaToya!"

"I loved that LaToya emphasized that you don't have to pray for a certain length of time, that you can break your prayer into different times of the day. I also loved that she encouraged everyone to start where they could! She gave so many great practical suggestions on how to have a vibrant prayer life."

Some Answers to Your Questions

I don't really have time to pray will this help me?

Absolutely! So many women tell me that they struggle to find/make the time to pray. The toolkit helps you create an easy to follow system that you can use in any amount of time. Ladies have used their toolkit to pray for as little as 5 minutes a day all the way up to an hour. And with the ACTS cards you can pray on the go. All you have to do is choose a card and read!

Will the toolkit help me to focus during my prayer time?

Yes. The act of writing out your prayers or simply using a prayer notebook can help you focus (and stay awake) while you pray. Because everything is all in one place and you have a system it's super easy to take a break and come back later to pick up right were you left off. 

What if I don't know what say during my prayers?

The prayer cards and calendars will help you with that. All the work is done for you. You simply read the prayers on the cards or use the calendar to pray the verse for the day. And when you feel more confident the workshop will show you how to craft your own prayer. You can keep them in your notebook to save you time. You don't have to think of something new to say every day!

Is this a physical book that will be shipped to my house? 

No. This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped to your home.  You will receive an email with links to access to all toolkit materials. Be sure to check your email for login information from Teachable. 

How do I know this is right for me?

If you desire a vibrant prayer life where you know God hears you and you know you hear Him, this toolkit is for you. It will help you create a prayer notebook and strategy to help you get to know God and His plans for your life. 

My heart is to serve you well and I'm confident that this toolkit does just that. 

However, if the toolkit doesn't live up to your expectations, just email me at within 7 days of your purchase and I'll gladly give you a refund. 

I proudly stand behind every product that I create, and if it's not helpful, I never want to keep your money.

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