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Grow your faith and feel more connected to God. Renew your mind and walk in truth. Heal from past hurts so you can move forward. Learn to rest, have fun and dream of the future.

Are you in?

This is the podcast for you if are ready to truly trust God and live a fearless life!

How can you trust God’s plan and timing when things just don’t make sense? How can you depend on Him for help and answers when you’ve been disappointed time after time?

It is possible to feel safe at church, with other people when you’ve been hurt, rejected, and betrayed? How can you have true fellowship when you feel like a misfit in your faith? How can you hear God’s voice through the pain of hard times?

Take a deep breath, I got you!

These are just some of the big questions that we tackle on Your Bold and Courageous Life. Each episode is filled with encouragement, biblical truth, practical tips, and real talk to help you grow closer to God during the hardest times of your life.

This show will help you to connect with God through prayer, renew your mind (and get control of your emotions) through journaling, and enjoy your life with rest, fun, and hope for the future.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about everything and just live your life safe in the arms of the Father, you are in the right place!


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Hey there, I’m LaToya Edwards. Single mom to 4 boys and an introverted former scaredy cat + recovering perfectionist.

After walking through spiritual and emotional abuse, death, and betrayal I tried to do all the “right things” and fix my problems on my own. When that didn’t work, I was sure that God had forgotten all about me.

I thought I was too messed up for Him to make things right. I couldn’t hear Him when I prayed and I didn’t know what to do anymore.

In short, I gave up. But I didn’t stay in that place (and neither should you). One day I decided that I was going to fight for my life. I had to conquer my fear once and for all. I had to learn to truly trust God.

I learned how to talk to God and hear His voice for myself. I got to know God, the real God. As I got to know Him, He showed me who I really was – who He created me to be. Loved, cherished, valued, and cared for.

Now I teach Christian women the same thing. Because let’s face it – sometimes life just sucks! But God is always there with you, fighting for you. So go live your life and be fearless!

Through this podcast, I share encouragement, biblical truth, practical tips, and real talk to help you learn how to grow closer to God during the best and worst times of your life. I am so glad you are here with me! 




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