Hope for the Weary Christian Woman

Have you struggled with feelings of anxiety, panic, fear, and despair because life is just too hard? Are you tired of feeling like you’re desperately trying to claw your way out of a pit of hopelessness? Do you want a relationship with God that is deep, real, and intimate – something to give you the hope to keep trusting God? To know that you are not forgotten.

This is a show for the Christian Woman who is struggling to trust God because life is so hard. The woman who feels like there’s no hope, no way out, and no point in even praying about it anymore. Who’s weary from the struggle and trying to do all the right things. And who just wants something to go right in their life – or a least not get any worse.  

I want you to know that as long as God is on the throne – it’s not time to throw in the towel! There is hope and rest for your weary heart, I want to help you find it.


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Meet Your Host: LaToya Edwards

I’m a Christian Spiritual growth, mindset, and life coach. An extremely highly sensitive introvert and empath. That last part has made growing closer to God a little interesting. After walking through decades of hard times, including spiritual and emotional abuse, death, and betrayal my soul was weary and I felt like I was trapped in a pit of despair. I was frustrated, angry, and felt hopeless. I was tired of waiting on God. I was overwhelmed, burned out, and spiritually exhausted.

Turns out that’s exactly where I needed to be to hear from God. During a season of forced rest, I learned more about my identity in Christ and how I was created to connect with Him. And then I was able to start a journey that led from a soul full of despair to being able to say it is well with my soul. I even learned how to enjoy life and dream despite the difficult circumstances in my life.

I will teach you how to do the same here on the podcast.

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