You Don’t Need Any More Stuff

It’s always tempting to think that you just need one more thing in order to succeed or see progress. There’s always something new and improved that seems to be the answer to our struggles. But what if that wasn’t the case?

What if you didn’t actually need anything else to accomplish those goals?

In episode 9 I talked about 3 things you need when it comes to making progress on our goals:

  1. Knowledge/information
  2. Tools
  3. Support

Today let’s look at tools!

Weekly I hear from ladies inside the Women Finding God community asking for resources, books, etc to help them with their quiet time or prayer life. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be helpful for me to offer a new resource or tool all the time.

We often get stuck thinking that we can’t get started until we have everything that we need. Or we get stuck thinking we can’t continue until we get this one new thing.

Both are usually wrong.

How do you know that you need everything on that list? Who came up with the list? And do you even like or plan to use what’s on the list?

Stop Procrasti-learning

One issue that I see a lot is what I like to call procrasti-learning. We spend all of our time reading and studying on how to do something instead of actually doing the thing. At some point, you have to stop learning and just get to work.

Start implementing some of the things you’ve read about or learned. Don’t take another course, attend another webinar or buy another book until you have tried at least 50% of what you’ve already learned.

Keep Things Simple

It’s so tempting to buy all the things when you are getting started on something new. You’re excited and ready to jump in with both feet. Until you implement what you’ve been learning you won’t have a clear picture of what you actually need. So I recommend keeping it to the bare minimum.

As you gain confidence and build consistency with the bare minimum you’ll begin to see what you actually need or want. Then you can start investing again with a plan – so you aren’t wasting time and money.

The next time you think you need to buy something before you can get started or make progress on your spiritual goals, stop and think through if you actually need it. If you haven’t implemented or used what you already have don’t buy anything else until you do.

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