Stop Making this Common Mistake if you Want to See More Growth Today

You want to see change in your life, but focusing on how doesn’t seem to get the results you’re working hard for. Instead of looking at the mechanics and details of reaching your goals, it’s time to focus on something else: your why.

We’ve all been there before. Setting goals, creating plans, and working those plans. But there’s still something keeping you from achieving them.  If you want to see progress and success you need to be clear about your why. 

Understanding your why is key to sustained growth.

For Motivation

Knowing your why will be what keeps you motivated. When things get hard you can go back to your why for inspiration to keep trying. 

For Focus

Once you know your why, it’s easier to stay focused on the task at hand.  Distractions are common and they can derail your progress if you let them. You don’t need to change the bright and shiny things in your life – just stay the course.

For Decision Making

If you struggle with decision fatigue, knowing your why can help with that. Knowing your why will help you make better choices. Anything that doesn’t line up with your motivation is an easy no. 

Having goals and a plan is awesome, but without knowing your why or your purpose you won’t make much progress. 


Want to see the importance of knowing your why in action? Check out this video from Michael Jr –> Know Your Why

Grace Goals: a Biblical Goal-Setting System

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