10 Must Have Tools for Journaling Newbies

Inside: Journaling is a great tool for spiritual growth. Here’s a list of must-have supplies for Christian women looking to get started!

I’ve kept a journal ever since I was a child, I love them.  It is what started my love of writing. Over the years my journaling has changed and grown and I have also come to have a new appreciation for it.

The one thing that I really love about journaling is how easy it is to get started. Get some paper, something to write with and start writing down whatever is in your heart or mind.

Best Tools for Christian Women Who Love Journaling

1.  Journals – You can keep it simple and use notebooks, composition books or moleskins.  I like to splurge a little and get some really beautiful journals from DaySpring.

1. Faithful journal     2.  Grace journal    3. Peanuts Happy journal

2.  Good pens – I’m a bit of a pen fanatic. I have them everywhere and I only like a certain style, ink color, etc.  You’ll be more likely to write more of often if you enjoy it.

3. Bible – If you want to have room to take notes in your Bible you definitely want to check out a journaling Bible. With wide margins and not a lot of extras, there’s plenty of room for you to write down your thoughts and insights.

4. Bible study tools – journaling for spiritual growth means that you need to be able to dig into the Word on your own. Having a collection of tools at hand is great.  A concordance and dictionary are a great place to start. Here’s a list of the best Bible study tools.

5. Come to the Well – if you are looking for an easy way to hear clearly from God and cultivate a deeper relationship with Him this is the book for you. I share my testimony of how prayer journaling helped me heal and move forward after abuse. Plus how to cultivate a deeper relationship with God in as little 15 minutes a day.

6. Complete Guide to Bible Journaling – if you want to dip your toe into those beautiful images and drawings in your Bible or if you want to create lovely pages in your journal this book will help you get started.

7. Art supplies – one of the best things about journaling is getting to make it your own. You can get as basic or creative as you want to. I’m not a great artist but I love using watercolors to add a splash of color to my journal pages.

8.  Decorations – even if you don’t like to draw or aren’t that creative you can spice your journaling pages up with different decorations and accessories. Washi tape is fun and comes in all sorts (dogs, flowers, shapes).  Stickers are an easy way to add some flair. I like to use these designer paper clips to mark the last page I wrote on.

9.  Praying the Promises of the Cross Prayer Journal – if you are new to journaling this is a must-have! Over the course of 40 days you will journal and pray through the different promises found in the gospel.

10.  Storage solutions – once you have all this fun stuff you need a place to keep it all. There are some fun ways to keep things organized that are just as pretty as your journals are. I love these bags and totes from DaySpring.

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