How to Stand Firm on God’s Promises

Inside: If you are facing an impossible situation you need to keep standing on God’s promises. Here are 3 ways to can do that when things get hard.

I had been praying for over a year. My family was praying. My church was praying. People that I didn’t even know were praying. I was at the end of my rope and was about to let go.

But then it happened. God moved and worked a miracle. We rejoiced! And I danced like a fool in my dining room with my children. For the next three months we witnessed God answer prayer after prayer. He gave us everything we asked for.

Imagine our surprise when after months of rejoicing we found ourselves heartbroken and in tears. It seemed like God had changed His mind. We didn’t understand.

One of the biggest challenges to praying during hard times is continuing to stand when things look hopeless. It’s a true test of faith and perseverance.

My head knows this, but when things started going backwards my heart wasn’t trying to hear it. It hurt. I hurt, my children hurt, and I was so disappointed. I thought that we were at the end of this hard time but it seemed like God wasn’t finished yet.

How to Keep Standing On God’s Promises

One of my favorite Bible stories growing up was David and Goliath. I loved hearing how a young boy was able to defeat a big, mean giant with a slingshot and a rock. There’s a lot to learn about how to stay in the fight during hard times from this story in scripture.

God Prepares Us for the Big Battle

David knew that God would protect him and give him victory because of the times God had done it before. As a shepherd looking after sheep, David had to face lions and bears. He was no stranger to a good fight and he wasn’t about to back down.

God always prepares us for the battle against the enemy. Those small victories that we get during our trials are meant to make us strong. They make us bold so that when we face the giants in our lives we won’t be afraid.

You Have to Fight Your Way

My little guy likes to walk around in our shoes and wear our clothes. He looks so cute stumbling around in clothes that are clearly too big for him. I imagine that must be what David looked like in Saul’s armor. The clothes didn’t fit. They weren’t meant for David. God wanted David to fight in the way that fit him.

The same goes for us. Each of us has a specific way of waging warfare on the devil. We each have gifts and talents and strengths that we should embrace. Just because your friend prays or worships in a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to get victory. You need to seek God for guidance in which warfare strategies He wants you to use.

Know Who Is Really Fighting

David was a smart young man. He knew exactly who was going to have the victory when he faced Goliath. He didn’t go out there thinking that he was going to kill Goliath in his own strength. He knew that God was the one who would defeat the enemy and get the glory.

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