How to Read the Bible in a Year

A few months ago I felt God impress on my heart to read my Bible. Not just to read my Bible but to read the whole thing from cover to cover by the end of the year.  There was just one problem: I didn’t know how to read the Bible from cover to cover. And I only had about 6 months left in the year.

Have you ever tried to read the entire Bible? Did you succeed?

Maybe you are like me and you start the year off with good intentions but fizzle out somewhere in February or March.  Maybe you’ve signed up for the Bible in 90 days challenge but got lost somewhere in Leviticus.  I’ve been there. I have tried many times to read the entire Bible but never completed the plan.

This time I was determined to reach my goal.  I’m about half way through the Bible now and it’s not been easy but I’m working my way towards the book of Revelation. I wanted to share a few things that can help you make it all the way from Genesis to Revelation, no matter your time frame.

5 Tips on How to Read the Bible in a Year (or less)

When I committed to reading the Bible this year, I knew that I needed to be prepared. What I did not expect was the amount of spiritual warfare that I have encountered over the past few months.  The devil does not want you or me to read the Word of God because he knows it will make us stronger.  He knows that the scriptures hold the key to his destruction.

If you have committed to reading your Bible you need to be prepared for a fight! You can do it though, just keep at it and remember these 5 tips:

Pray: Any time that you purpose to grow spiritually, you need to cover that decision and yourself in prayer. Prayer helps you to gain strength and determination needed to make it through. Ask God to give you the strength and determination to read when you don’t want to, when you are too tired, and when it’s boring. Ask God to put up a hedge of protection as you dive into scripture.

Have a plan: If you are going to stay on track and not feel overwhelmed, you need to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be something fancy, but please find a reading plan to help you stay on track. You can check things off as you go along. Breaking down the readings into smaller chunks will help you succeed. There are even Bibles available to help you out.

Accountability: Don’t read alone! Having other people hold you accountable is a great way to be successful in reading the Bible. I invited a few ladies to join me on my journey through the Bible. We have a private Facebook group where we post that day’s reading and we encourage and check in with each other.

Don’t do anything extra: If you are trying to read the Bible in less than a year, this is not the time to take on another big spiritual task. I wouldn’t join a new Beth Moore study or try to learn the inductive Bible study method. Just focus on reading the scripture.

Grace: There will be days where you don’t read as much as you want to or when you don’t read at all. Give yourself grace. Read a little extra when you have time. When you fall behind, don’t give up. The ultimate goal is to read through the entire Bible. If it takes you a few extra days or weeks, that’s okay.

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