The Ultimate Guide to Prayer Journaling for Beginners

Inside: Step by step instructions on how to make a prayer journal and notebook. These tools will help you organize your prayer life!

Sometimes I fall asleep when I’m praying.

I also get distracted by the laundry that I didn’t finish, the children who are arguing, and the random thought about what we should eat for dinner.  I know that it’s important to spend time with God, but often my mind doesn’t cooperate.

Then there are the prayer requests I forget. I have every intention of covering that person in prayer but by the time I get to my quiet time during the day, I can’t remember what they needed. And then there are times when someone gives me a word from God. In that moment it means the world to me but weeks later I struggle to recall the encouraging words.

Can you relate?

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I realized that it boiled down to a lack of discipline and organization. I’m guessing you struggle with the same thing. So today I want to show you how to make a prayer journal and notebook to help you stay focused, consistent, and more effective with your prayers.

how to organize your prayer life with a notebook or journal

How to Make a Prayer Journal 

Making a prayer journal is a simple and easy way to get focused and motivated in your prayer life. All you need is a journal (or paper) and something to write with.  Yes, it’s that simple.  My favorite place to get journals is DaySpring.

I use my prayer journal for my personal prayers.  The pages are filled with my heartaches, tears, worries, and praises to God. I like to think of my prayer journal as a collection of conversations with my heavenly Father.

A few tips to get you started:

  1. When you sit down to write, don’t edit or hold back. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Fill the pages with your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you want God to know.
  2. Write down your prayer requests, dreams, and goals.
  3. Copy down quotes, scriptures, and anything else you feel God speak to your heart. These will be a great encouragement to you when times get hard.

how to create a prayer journal for more effective prayer life

How to Make a Prayer Notebook

While my prayer journal helps me with my own personal prayers, I knew that I needed something else to help me remember to pray for others and to stay consistent in other biblical disciplines.  That’s when I created a prayer notebook.  This notebook has radically changed my prayer and devotion time. I grab my journal, notebook, and Bible and I’m ready to wage war against the devil.

Here’s How I Organized my Prayer Notebook

The first part of my notebook has a section for my spiritual growth plan for the year.  I write out a vision statement, goals, and priorities for the year.  After that section, I have my dividers and lots of paper behind each one.

Reading Log

I like to pick a theme each year to focus on for spiritual growth. Then I sit down and make a list of books/Bible studies on that topic. I usually have way more books than I can read in a year on my list, but having it already together means I don’t waste time trying to figure out what I’m going to read or study next.

Scripture Memory Log

Memorizing scripture is a great way to enhance your prayer life.  The best way to be successful in memorizing verses is to have a plan. I make a list of the verses that I want to memorize during the year and keep them in my prayer notebook. This way I can look them over every day during my devotions.

Gratitude Journal Page

Keeping a list of all my blessings is a great way to encourage myself during hard times. I often struggle with doubt and unbelief. Remembering all the things I am grateful for really helps me when I feel discouraged.

Bible Reading Plan 

Having a plan for reading my Bible helps me stay focused and grow in faith. To save time, I like to create my own reading plans at the beginning of each month based on a topic that I want to learn more about.

how to make a prayer journal

Prayer Sections

This is the meat of my prayer notebook. I have a page where I keep a list of all prayer requests. Another page with the ACTS prayer acronym to help me stay focused while I pray. I also have my prayer journal prompts here.

This is also the section where I write out my prayers for my children, family, and other people. Here’s my daily prayer schedule:

  • Sunday: my home
  • Monday: ministry (that includes you) and finances
  • Tuesday: extended family and friends
  • Wednesday: missions
  • Thursday: unbelieving family and friends
  • Friday: government, social justice, and news events
  • Saturday: my church and its leaders

Bible Study

I keep my Bible study notes and printables here. When I do word studies, character studies, or a study with my church all my notes go here. I keep sermon notes here as well.

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