Feeling Bored? 16 Creative Ways to Connect with God

Feeling bored with your usual spiritual growth routines? Learn how to connect with God in new and creative ways.

Have you ever wondered if there were some creative and different ways to connect with God outside of the usual read your Bible, pray, and go to church? Me too. So I did some digging and research a while ago and came up with a list of 10-plus ways that you can connect with God that are super creative. 

I have to make a confession. I don’t always feel particularly close to God during Sunday service. I know you’re either shocked and appalled or you’re relieved to know it’s not just you. I have found over the years that I connect best with God on my own.

I don’t do well in groups, and that’s because I’m an introvert and a highly sensitive person. I also have a strong gift of empathy and group settings are taxing and overwhelming for me because I am trying to manage all the things and the sounds that are going on in a church service on Sunday.

This is why it’s not my best place to connect with God. I also have ADHD and struggle to pay attention at times during the sermon, but I still get a lot out of it. I still love worshiping and fellowshipping. I love it when I get home, look over my notes, and think about the things that my pastor said.

Having time to really chew on it is when I get a lot more out of it. I thought, I know I’m not the only one. I can’t be the only person that God made this way. A few months ago, somebody asked me if I knew of some creative ways to connect with God. I’m going to share 16 creative ways that you can connect with God. 


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Creative Ways to Connect with God in Nature

The first type of activity involves going out in nature. Take a walk or sit on your porch and take it all in. Get outside in God’s creation and have some time of adoration, appreciation, worship, and praise for God and everything that he has created.

I have the most wonderful conversations with God about what he has made when I get outside and walk around and I start looking around. The birds and flowers speak of his glory and remind me of scripture. 

You can go for a prayer walk. I do this a lot having four kids running around. I don’t always get a lot of time to myself. My house is usually not quiet unless everybody is sleeping. Going on a walk and dedicating that time to talk to God is so amazing.

It clears my head, and I can stay focused and have these heart-pouring out sessions with God while I’m walking. It has been a really great thing. Another thing that you can do is to watch the sunrise or the sunset. 

Now listen, I’m going to be super honest with you. I am not Team Sunrise. I don’t want to be up super early in the morning, but I love looking at the sunset. I always think of God when I look at a sunset and I look at how beautiful it is and that the day is ending.  It always points me back to my creator.

Something that is going to sound a little strange is to lay in the grass and watch the clouds.  Just like you did as a kid. kids. My kids do this now in the car as we’re driving. They will tell me all of the dogs and unicorns and dinosaurs and whatever it is that they see in the sky as we’re driving.

I bet you’re thinking, “LaToya, that’s just looking at the clouds. How is that connecting with God?” Well, God is the one that makes the clouds, and thinking about the Creator anytime you look at the clouds, can remind you of different passages in scripture. The Book of Revelation is one that comes to my mind.

I can imagine Jesus coming on that white horse on the clouds to make all things new so that we can go to the new Heaven and the new Earth. I also think of the throne room and of Ezekiel and his vision. It may not seem like it, but it is a really great way to connect with God and relate to him in a different way.  

Stargazing is another great way to appreciate how wonderful and magnificent our God is. He put every single star that you can see and who knows how many that we can’t see in the sky. It’s just a great way to just be in awe and just appreciate and acknowledge God as a creator. 

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Creative Ways to Connect with God through Creative Endeavors

Another creative and fun way to connect with God is to paint or draw outside. We do a lot of things indoors in our culture, we don’t actually spend a lot of time outside, but just painting or drawing outside is a great way to connect with God.

I have often painted and I will afterwards look at the picture and God will bring a verse to mind. Then I’m able to meditate on that as I am looking at this painting. It’s been a really neat experience using my creativity to worship God. 

Write a poem, write a song, or play an instrument. Maybe you take a passage of scripture that you’ve been studying and meditating on and paint or draw a picture of something that reminds you of what you’ve been doing.

Remember, God gifted you this creativity. He’s the one that gives you the talent, the skill, and the desire to do these things. I can’t think of a better way to connect with God than by offering him back the thing that he’s gifted you to do. 

We can also take a walk and listen to worship music. Listening to a theology book or something that’s going to grow your faith. Even spending your walk in solitude and silence where you’re not listening to anything, you’re not talking. You’re listening for God’s voice as a great way to connect with him. 

Resting and relaxing in a bath or a quiet place is another great way because you can just bask and be quiet in God’s presence. Putting the command to be still and know into action.

Creative Ways to Connect with God through Prayer

Another way to connect with God is to write verses a note cards and then stick them around your house. When you see one, you stop, read it, meditate on it, and pray as you walk through your house during the day. I first heard this from Val Marie Paper.

I think she put them above the light switches in her home. Whenever she entered or left a room flipping the lights on and off, she was able to stop and just take a minute to meditate on that verse and say a quick prayer to God. 

You can also try different postures when you pray. You can stand, you can sit, you can kneel, you can pace back and forth. You can lay prostrate or face down on the floor. Try different ways to do what you’re already doing.

I often tell people, to take their Bible outside for their quiet time because sometimes just that change of scenery can be a really great way to get those creative juices flowing and bring some life into your quiet time with God.

Creative Ways to Connect with God Using Your Resources

Another way to connect with God is to find someone to serve. God calls us to do unto others, to bear one another’s burdens, and do all of the “one another’s” in the Bible. Finding someone else to serve is a great way to serve God and to find a connection with him when you’re looking after each other. 

You could do a no-spend month and take the money that you saved and give it to your church. Maybe you’re going to support a missionary or another organization that is furthering the mission of the gospel. There could be a family that you know of that has a need and you can take that money and bless them with that. 

Likewise, clean out your closet or your pantry and take that as a donation to a women’s shelter or homeless shelter. Sometimes schools have food banks for kids who don’t have enough to eat at home that allows them to grocery shop before they go home for the weekend and have food. 

Another thing that you can do that’s actually pretty fun, especially if you have anybody that’s super dramatic in your house or in your life, is to act out Bible passages with your family or friends. Think of it as Bible charades or even just do a full-on play or performance of some account in scripture. You could ask your church’s children’s ministry if you could perform your play and minister to the kids there.

Creative Ways to Connect with God through Art

The final thing that I’m going to share with you is something that I have grown to love and that’s studying art that depicts biblical accounts. For a long time, I did not realize how many artists have painted scenes from scripture.

There are so many, and I love being able to see that and have that physical representation of an account in scripture because it brings it to life for me. You can read the scripture that the picture is based on then look at the art and try to see what details you can find in the picture. What kind of emotions can you see or feel as you look at the art? 

I hope that reading this list of 16 creative ways to connect with God will help you see that you can do all kinds of things, even if they’re outside of the box, to grow your faith and to be closer to God. I want to encourage you to try one or two to see what fits and what doesn’t fit.

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