The Secret to Hearing From God

I needed answers.

I wasn’t used to hearing from God but I knew that if I was going to continue to grow during my trials I needed to have my ears tuned to that still small voice. There were times that I thought I heard Him speak to me, but honestly, I wasn’t sure.

In the past, there were times that I was sure I heard from the Lord, but I was wrong.

Looking back, I realize that I wasn’t taking the time to actually hear. I was depending on other people to hear for me. I learned the hard way how dangerous that is.

Several bad relationships had led me to a place where I really didn’t trust myself. It happens with abuse victims. You are controlled for so long and you are told that you are crazy for so long that you eventually start to believe it. I mean, when church leaders and half a congregation all have such nice things to say about a person it must be God speaking, right?

I was wrong. But as I began to heal and grow, I was determined to learn to hear from God. I knew that He wanted to talk to me so I decided that I needed to learn how to listen.

3 Secrets to Hearing from God

I remember asking my spiritual mentor how I could know if I was hearing from God. She is so sweet and patient with me and my sometimes childish questions. She encouraged me to be still and listen. And to test anything that I thought I was hearing with scripture.

So I began to search for an answer to my question and came across this verse:

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NLT

That verse confirmed what my mentor shared with me: The key to hearing from God is learning to listen. But there’s more to it than that.

Hearing from God Means You Know Him

One of the reasons God allows suffering is to be in a closer relationship with us. The only way to get to know God is spend time in prayer, Bible reading and study, and other spiritual disciplines. There’s no way for me to understand the true character of God if I don’t learn all that I can about Him.

My boys are with me all the time so they know me. They know what I approve of and what I don’t. They know how to approach me to ask for something and they know when I mean business.

We need to know all those things about our Heavenly Father.

Hearing from God Means He Knows Us

If you’ve been a parent for any amount of time, I bet you can recognize your child’s voice in a crowd. You know what they like and don’t like. You can tell when they need to take a break or a nap.

God knows all our hurts and pains. He knows what we struggle with and what we need to face. Ultimately He knows what’s best for us. And because He knows us we can trust that He hears us when we call or cry out.

Hearing from God Means Following Him

I think this is the hardest part. Hearing from God and obeying what He says is not the same thing. The Bible is full of people who heard from the Lord but still chose to disobey.

I don’t believe that God speaks because He likes the sound of His own voice. He speaks because He wants to talk with us. He wants to have a relationship with us. To lead and guide us through His perfect plan. Knowing this about God should make it easier to follow.

I am learning to listen and I hear from God often. It’s always a good day when God speaks to me. In my experience, it’s always exactly what I need to hear even when I don’t know it yet.

If you are struggling to hear from God or to be sure that you are hearing from Him, keep seeking. Keep praying and keep learning to be quiet in His presence. He will speak to you.