10 Best Tools for Studying the Bible

Inside: A must-have list of Bible study tools, perfect for beginners!

I used to think that Bible study was hard. I never knew what to do, where to start nor where to look for help. Over the years I’ve learned that God’s Word is easy to understand.

I just needed to learn how to study, stay organized and get a collection of Bible study tools to help me out along the way. I put together a list of my favorites just in case you too are looking for a way to make studying the Bible easier.

Must-Have Bible Study Tools for Beginners

Here are some of the must-have Bible study tools for beginners or anyone that wants to dig deep into the Word.

1.  A Bible – this seems pretty obvious but you need to have a Bible if you want to study the word of God. I have a favorite study Bible but you can use any Bible that you have or feel comfortable with.

If you want to have room to take notes in your Bible you definitely want to check out a journaling Bible. With wide margins and not a lot of extras, there’s plenty of room for you to write down your thoughts and insights.

2.  A concordance – this is like an index for the entire Bible. Perfect for word studies, creating your own reading plans and more! I recommend finding one that also has a dictionary included.

3.  Dictionary – perfect for looking up words that you don’t fully understand as you study your Bible. I often use a regular oxford dictionary but if your concordance doesn’t have one I highly recommend getting a Bible dictionary. These are great for looking up the original Greek/Hebrew words in scripture.

4.  Journals – you want to have a place to keep all your notes organized in one place. I love using journals for my studies. You can go as simple as a notebook with paper or a composition book. Moleskins are great and very reasonable.

I like to spend a few extra bucks and get the really pretty journals. They make awesome gifts too!

5.  Pencils and Pens – you want to have something to write in your journal with and also pens and pencils that won’t bleed through the pages of your Bible. These are my favorite colored pencils for marking in my Bible. And when it comes to pens, hands down micron fine tip pens are the best.

6.  Commentaries – perfect for when you don’t understand what you are reading. A good commentary can help explain a verse or passage in a way that you can understand. There are many different commentaries out there so you’ll need to read a few to find your favorite. I use and recommend the Be series because they are easy to read and understand.

7. Maps – ever wonder how close the Israelites were to the Promised Land? Or the route that Paul took on his many travels? A good book of Bible maps is a great way to answer these questions. I really like being able to compare maps from Bible times to the maps we have now. It really makes the Word come to life!

8. Bible studies – (bet you were wondering when I’d get to these) I think it’s a great idea to learn how to study the Bible on your own but there are times and a good Bible study comes in handy. My favorite studies are ones that pack a big punch in a short amount of time, these studies for busy mamas are perfect!

9. Books on how to study the Bible – you can learn a lot about studying the Bible from a good study. But there are two books that I recommend to any woman that wants to grow more Bible literate: Women in the Word by Jen Wilkin and How to Study the Bible by Kay Arthur.

10. Promise Keeper Online Course – you will study Psalm 23 to uncover all the promises that God makes to each of us during hard times. You’ll understand God’s character by studying His names and learn how to stand on those promises in prayer.

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