3 things to remember when you go through a trial

I had reached my breaking point. After months of hurt and pain and more hurt and pain I just couldn’t take any more. I felt like I was about to lose my mind. I was dying on the inside. There was no end in sight and I knew I couldn’t go on.

Sometimes in the midst of a trial, we are so overwhelmed and pressed down by our circumstances that we cannot see a way out. Friends, be encouraged. Even in those most desperate moments God has not forgotten us!

I thought that I had no fight left. I was ready to sit down and just call it quits. But I didn’t that day. I didn’t a few weeks later when I found myself in that same place emotionally. Every time I thought I was done I made it one more day.

Guess what: You can too.

3 things to remember when you go through a trial

In those dark moments when I sat in the dark crying my heart out to God, He spoke to the ache in my soul. He reminded me of three very important things. And it’s those three things that I held on to with all my might through the most difficult trial of my life.

These promises comforted me on days when I struggled with fear and anxiety. When things were as bad as they could be and then got even worse, these truths helped me to keep pressing forward.

1. God knows exactly what you need

When the children of Israel were freed from captivity they worried about everything. They feared that Pharaoh was going to recapture them at the Red Sea. They worried that they were going to go hungry and thirsty. You know what? God already knew what their needs were. And He had a plan for how He was going to provide for them.

Knowing that God knew exactly what I needed was a great source of comfort for me. It meant that He was hearing my prayers and that He did in fact see what I was going through. He wasn’t sitting on His throne with His back turned from me.

This truth really helped build my faith. If I truly believed that God was paying attention to my pain and knew what I needed then I had nothing to worry about. All I needed to do was trust that help was coming.

2. God provides what you need daily

When God provided manna for the Israelites He told them to only take enough for each day. In fact, if they tried to store food away for the next day it went bad!

God is the same with us. He often provides just what we need for today. It builds our trust.

There were times when I was so overwhelmed with financial stress I would look at my account, look at the bills, and start to panic. There just wasn’t enough for what I needed for the month or the week or for something that was coming months down the road.

I had to learn to trust that God would provide what I needed for the day. There were many times when I would start to worry about how I was going to pay the rent, get food, and keep the lights on. No matter how things looked though, God always provided.

We always had exactly what we needed. I just had to learn to look for the manna each morning.

3. God always keeps His promises

Over the course of my life, there have been many people who have disappointed me. I think because of that hurt I started expecting that from everyone. I never expected people to keep their promises because so many had failed me before.

God is not like that. The Bible says that God is not a man that He should lie. He always keeps His promises. When God says that He will provide, we can count on it!

I have learned to be content with the manna that God sends me every day. It has helped to cultivate a heart of gratitude. I find the more that I thank God for His blessings the more He gives.

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