Life sucks sometimes, but God is always with you!

You can walk through hard times with Fearless Faith

You CAN trust God’s plan and timing when things just don’t make sense. You CAN overcome negative thoughts and emotions. You CAN pray bold (and effective) prayers during hard times. You CAN heal from past hurts.

Here at Women Finding God, you’ll learn how to grow closer to God during the best and worst times of your life. Come join us!


Women Finding God

I’m LaToya Edwards, Christian life coach and author. I believe that you can grow closer to God, strengthen your faith and be fearless in the face of any hard time if you learn to truly and completely trust in God.

I was once just like you. I tried to do all the right things and fix my problems on my own. I thought if I could just say and do all the right things my life would be perfect.

When that didn’t happen I was sure that God had forgotten all about me. That I was too messed up for Him to make things right. I could hear Him when I prayed and I didn’t know what to do anymore.

In short, I gave up.

Well, almost. One day I realized that the only way I was going to make it through the hardest times in my life was if I learned to fully surrender to God. I needed to stop trying to fix things and learn how to keep my focus on Him.

I started praying and studying my Bible like never before. God began to feel closer to me and my situation and I was able to hope again. I started enjoying life. And I have only grown stronger and found more peace every single day.