What Homeschooling is Really About: Discipleship

 “Homeschooling is not about academics.”  This is something that echoed the halls of The Teach Them Diligently Conference this past May.  I’ve shared before how that was not something that I’d considered before and the changes I’m making this year with that in mind.  Today I want to share why I feel like discipleship is the most important goal that all parents (homeschooling or not) should have for their children.

Homeschooling is about Discipleship | LaToyaEdwards.net

No where in the Bible does God tell us that the goal of homeschooling (or parenting) is to have children that make straight A’s and end up at Ivy League colleges. The Bible does tells us to train our children in the ways of the Lord. I read about how we should be  teaching our children about God when we sit in the house, lie down, and get up.  My bible even tells me that the most important thing we can do is love God and our neighbors. None of those things is about academics but all of them are about discipleship.

There are many reasons that I have chosen to homeschool my boys. But the main one is that I have felt the call to discipleship and feel that having them at home with me is the best way I can answer that call. It’s the reason that I continue to homeschool even when it’s hard.  It’s also the reason that I learned to start each homeschool year and planning session off with prayer.

I know that this journey won’t be easy but I know that if I hold to God and stay the course we can accomplish great things for the kingdom. What about you? Have you answered the call to discipleship? Are you ready to go to battle for the Lord?

Katniss Everdeen should have nothing on a mom with her quiver full of godly arrowsI’m preparing for this battle by covering my boys in prayer everyday. We are digging into God’s word together to learn more about Him and His plans for us. Our first day of school Bubba read the scriptures for our morning devotion and Chubba covered our entire school year in prayer.  Bubba has begun talking with him about the different things God may have gifted him to do. “Mommy I love dancing. I wonder how I can use it to tell people about Jesus.” This is what it’s about friends! This is what homeschooling is really about.

The Virtue Training

I’m always on the look out for tools to help me disciple my boys. Last year I learned about the Child Training Bible.  I cannot even begin to tell you how this tool changed the way that I disciplined my boys.  The CTB really helped me teach my boys what God says about our sinful behavior. Being able to flip to a scripture on anger during a moment of rage for Bubba was so helpful. It also helped us learn to ask for forgiveness from God and for help to do better.

Virtue Training Bible Giveaway | LaToyaEdwards.net

As helpful as the CTB was for me I found myself wishing that there was something like it for encouraging the “good stuff” in our children. Well there is. Mindy and her husband have put together the Virtue Training Bible. The VTB is a great tool for learning more about the Lord and how we can live a life pleasing to Him.

We are going through each of the 42 virtues one at a time as a family. I usually read through and SOAP  several of the verses in each section on my own. After that I will choose 5 verses to study with the boys during the week. It takes about 5 minutes before they go to bed.  I also pray the different scriptures over them while the sleep or after a discipline session.

For example, last week Bubba was having some issues with telling the truth. We looked up the lying tabs in our CTB and then I spent some time going over the Honesty tabs in the VTB.  I love the balance with the two tools. God’s word is about correction but it’s also about love, encouragement and grace.  And the VTB is not just for the kids. I often pray/meditate on scriptures for myself when I’m struggling.

This post and many are part of the Teach Them Diligently Summer of Homeschool Encouragement Link Up Series. you can read more about discipleship in other homeschool families here.

Discipleship TTD

I was given a free Virtue Training Bible Kit to review and one to share with one of my readers.

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72 thoughts on “What Homeschooling is Really About: Discipleship

  1. Suzanne

    I like the idea of pairing the Child Training Bible with the Virtue Training Bible. Win or lose, I’ll be getting these two items for our family.

  2. Okaasan

    So far I don’t really have one single tool, although I do like to read them Big Thoughts for Little People. :)

  3. Stephanie Craig

    Discipling my children? I haven’t been doing it. But God placed the importance of doing so this past summer deeply in my heart. This is our first year homeschooling, and I’ve come to realize the many opportunities we’ll have to get into God and His Word.

  4. Wendy Woerner

    My favorite tool for discipling my children is the bible. I am in the process of looking for other resources that may help me better prepare myself and my children. I am reading through The Love Dare for Parents, too, and it is full of wonderful truths! I would love to own a copy of the Virtue Training Bible. Sounds wonderful!

  5. Amanda

    Right now we are loving Leading Little Ones to God. I have the Child Training Bible but felt the same way– I pulled it out more for correction vs. instruction. I think I’d like the Virtue Training Bible!

    1. LaToya Post author

      Amanda we’re working through Leading Little Ones to God as well! Great conversation starters with my little ones.

  6. Jessica

    This is my first year of homeschooling. I pray for my children. .read the bible with them, set an example…but I realize that I am missing much more. Today we started our first day of homeschooling. We opened up in prayer & did a small devotional. My kids loved it. I haven’t truly been feeding my children the Word of God. I know its not too late to start though.

  7. Angie

    I don’t have a favorite tool for correcting per say, but we always explain that we are correcting them to get the foolishness out of heir hearts, that we want them to have happy hearts that are open to God and his Word. I love how you are using the virtues lessons to enforce the positives. What an awesome tool. Thank you for your blog.

  8. Angie

    We have been using the Young Peacemaker book! It is a book to teach kids how to deal with conflict in a biblical way! It’s helping me too cause I wasn’t raised a Christian so I’m learning as I’m parenting :-) thanks for letting me know about this resource I have the CTB and would love to get VTB!

  9. Nicole Auld

    I would love to win this for my boys. Thanks for allowing me to participate. It sounds like you are on the right course, keep it up.

    In Engalnd,
    Nicole Auld

  10. Cathy K

    Love love love! When asked why we home educate I say we are called to make disciples and it’s a great way for character training for both our children and us!

  11. Cheryl Baranski

    Thank you for hosting such a fablous giveaway!
    I would so love to win this to use with my boys!
    God Bless!

  12. Jessica B

    My son is nearly 3, so he is not yet ready for most tools other than prayer, but now he is getting to the age where this will come in handy! I really want one!

  13. Angela Robbins

    As far as discipline goes, I don’t have one single tool. The advice of my MIL {who has raised three exceptionally amazing boys} has been one of the best tools thus far! I would love to win the VTB and I know it would be such a great resource seeing that it is literally based in the Bible :)

  14. Lisa

    One-on-one time to talk about heart issues and behaviour, God’s great love for us and our great need for Jesus sacrifice on the cross.

  15. Jamie

    My Favorite tool to disciple. experience along with bible stories and scripture memorization from Seeds Family Worship. I love to talk about an experience that one of my children had that was sin or a bad choice and compare it to a bible story, Then tie in redemption and grace.
    Seeds Family Worship is my FAVORITE to help with scripture memorization.

  16. Laura H

    I like to use the scripture we have memorized for corrections. I also think that consistency and clear expectations are what works. Keeping things simple and always pointing back to the LORD are what we do! The heart is the important thing!

  17. Barbara Darden

    Stumbled across you today from another blog, and I LOVE what you are saying today. This is our first year homeschooling our kids for the very reason of discipleship. We kept being convicted that how were we to teach our kids about how to truly live Jesus when they were gone from my influence (and Gods) for 8 hours a day? I have the CTB and we are using it. I also just read the book “Have a New Kid by Friday” by Kevin Leman. Good Stuff!!! “B doesn’t happen until A is completed is working in our home.

  18. Tammy

    I have the CTB, and love being able to show my children that this isn’t mommy picking on you….it is me, trying to encourage you to be all you can for God. I wished there was a positive side as well – I didn’t want my kiddos thinking the Bible was only for rebuke. I have been meaning to get the VTB. I can’t wait to have a copy in my home. :-)

  19. Katie

    My boys are 1 and 3, so we’re still figuring out the best approach to each child for correction. We use a lot of rewards. And of course we spank when it’s appropriate. We hope to correct and fix a behavior before it gets to spanking, with teaching and follow through. I have found that it is important to be consistent and to do what I say I’m going to do no matter what kind of sad eyes I get from my boys.

  20. jules p

    the Bible. When my kids are not being good, we get out the Bible and read passages of how God would handle the situation. And what He did to those who would not listen to Him. I explain that when they (my children) do not listen to me..they are not listening to God. It has set a standard in my children, that shows, even when they are not with me. (at school, at friend’s house,etc)

  21. Dee

    I have 3 boys and 1 sweet baby girl and I’m always looking for ways to teach them about loving God and pleasing Him with our life. Thanks for sharing this info and thanks for sharing on your blog. What an encouragement!!!

  22. Marina

    I have always used the Bible to teach my children what God expects. However, it always required me calling a certain verse to memory and then going on a hunt to find exactly where in the Bible that verse was. My kids are grown now but I am teaching a Sunday School class full of eager young minds; I would be overjoyed to win this wonderful tool so I can share it with my kids and their parents!

  23. Risa

    I’m gathering tools for my children now. We have only one eight month old but I want to be as prepared as possible. We have the child training bible kit:) on the way. So the virtual kit seems to be a great compliment to that. Just read the book Shepherding A Child’s Heart as well which was a great one. Love the blog!thank you

  24. Emma Roe (@OSABblog)

    We have the ten commandments posted on our wall and we point the kids towards that daily! We also always have christian music playing.

  25. Abby

    My favorite tool for discipling our children is Our 24 Family Ways by Sally Clarkson. It has been a real blessing for us!

  26. Courtney

    I am not that organized about it. We use the Bible of course and talk a lot about our Christian walk, but that’s about it most of the time.

  27. Mandi Miller

    No tool per say either. I just try to explain how someone else would feel and try to put themselves in other’s shoes. We practice putting Jesus first, Others second and Ourselves last.

  28. Nicole M.

    I have not gotten as deep into discipleship and really enjoyed your post. I have used “Creative Correction” by Lisa Whelchel for ideas to train my children based on God’s word.

  29. Jarita Carroll

    I don’t have any one tool I use with my children. I try hard to teach little lessons through everything we do. I try to do it without them even realizing what we’re doing.

  30. Michele Krile

    My favorite tool for discipling my children?
    The Bible and prayer. However, I struggle with teaching them with grace, and I get easily impatient and frustrated. I’ve been praying for a way to keep consistent in discipling my children so they truly love and serve God and so I don’t just focus on disciplining them! From what I see here, the Virtue Training Bible Kit would help me. Would love winning this, but whoever wins this kit will be blessed!

  31. Kadonna

    The primary tools that we use for discipleship are the Bible, prayer (for and with them), open communication, modeling what is taught, and applying the principles found in “Shepherding A Child’s Heart” by Ted Tripp. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  32. janell

    I enjoyed your thoughts on discipleship for homeschool. so many times I get carried away with doing “school” that training up my child in the things of the Lord often come as an after thought. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this great giveaway!

  33. Sybil

    I use the Bible but I am on the look-out for other tools that will help make it more effective. I think VTB will be a big help.

  34. Petrina

    Still considering homeschooling as a possibility, we are not sure yet if it is possible, and even best in our situation to homeschool or send them to a private Christian school. Nevertheless, a child is never too young to learn, and the education of a child does not start magically at the age of 5, so we teach our children daily now already, even though they are not yet school age. We model daily Bible devotions with them, and take every opportunity to teach them about the wonders of God’s creation as well as the importance of his laws in our lives, trying to be on the lookout for those “teachable moments” that always seem to come up.

  35. Amanda Redman

    We use charts from Doorpost but have seen the Child Training Bible before and would love to win a copy!

  36. Elizabeth B

    We’re thinking of resources to begin collecting for that purpose (we have a 9 month old), so no favorites yet. But the VTB looks great!

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