Homeschool Planning 101: Lesson Plans

Homeschool Planning 101: Lesson Plans |

How I Write Weekly Lesson Plans:

Over the past 3 years I have tried a few different planners but the Weekly Homeschool Planner is my favorite.  It’s an editable pdf document that I can reuse every year. I type out my lesson plans for the boys and save is as “2013-2014 School Year” (or whatever the current school year is).  I can go in and edit/change when I need to. I just print it off and add it to our portfolio for end of the year evaluations. Also I’ve been able to look back at the Kindergarten lessons I did with Bubba as Chubba starts the same curriculum this year.

Weekly Homeschool Planner

I usually take a few hours before we get started for the year to write out our plans. My Father’s World has grids included in the teacher manuals which is really helpful. I just copy the info in the grid and then fill in the blanks for things like math, language arts, art, music, etc.  This planner also has space for me to list supplies, books we read and field trips. If you have to keep track of attendance there’s forms for that as well.

How I Plan for the Entire Year:

I write out weekly lesson plans for the entire year. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it doesn’t take a long time and is a sanity saver for me.  I don’t write specific dates on my weekly plans so that it’s easy to make changes when I need to. I just label them Week 1, Week 2, etc.  There are a few things that I use for yearly planning: file foldershanging foldersplastic storage container.

Filing Cabinet |

How I Plan For An Entire Year of Homeschooling |

I load up the file folders with any papers for the week: worksheets, lapbooks, notebooking pages, readers, read alouds and craft supplies. When we sit down for school in the morning I just pull out that week’s folder and get the materials we need for that day.  If we are sick or don’t finish something I can easily move the folder to another week.

How do you plan for your year?

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16 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning 101: Lesson Plans

    1. LaToya Post author

      Kim that’s great! I started off like that but with my grad school work and blogging I needed to get way ahead on homeschooling :)

  1. Laurie Messer

    I love your system LaToya! I have been looking at a lot of different ways homeschoolers plan out their year. I’m tweaking the things I like best to come up with my own way to plan. I’m using the workbox system for Caleb this year so he will know every day what he has to do and won’t continually be asking me,”Are we done yet?” (lol) So far I’m using Microsoft Excel to make my teacher plans to keep me on track. I’m doing spreadsheet pages for each week (kind of like your system)…that way, I can print off each week when I need it or if we have a sick day, etc. I can move the lesson to the next week if needed.


    1. LaToya Post author

      Laurie I’m using Workboxes as well (still tweaking things though). I cannot figure out Excel to save my life, LOL!

  2. Patty Rose

    I plan very similar to you – right down to the weekly folders in a file box. I have learned to use small post-its (cut to the size of my planning boxes) because they can be moved if life gets to crazy or we want to study something else! It really works well.

  3. Caroline

    I like the weekly storage idea you use, LaToya. I write dates on our unit studies so far, but I might switch to weeks as the kids get older. I’m definitely thankful for flexibility!

  4. Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy

    I like the way you have it all set up so you can see every week! I’m like you, I need to know all the planning is done for the year, somehow I just feel so much better about getting started once I have the whole picture. I plan using Homeschool Skedtrack (free online) – I can print out the weekly and daily schedules and they have some nice-looking reports based on everything I enter. Love it so far! Then we use a workbox system with each subject put in a separate workbox.

  5. Tessa W

    This is a neat idea. I think I may be able to customize it to our unschooling philosophy with making files with information for topics of interest for my boys. Not really week specific but I think they would really enjoy opening it up to choose a folder from the “tickle trunk” to go through.

    1. LaToya Post author

      Yes Tessa I think folders with topics would work great. I actually have a “shark” folder I’m collecting stuff in for my 7 year old

  6. Monique

    Even thought I’m a 20 year veteran, I’m always interested in fun, helpful ideas. Tried something similar once for preschooler, but it didn’t go well….didn’t keep up. and acutally forgot I’d done it! (ok, so we have 10 kids)
    But am thinking of doing something similar for a week or six weeks.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. LaToya Post author

      Tina I didn’t have any lesson plans when my boys were 2 years old. I would pull out puzzles, blocks and toys for my youngest to play with while I worked with his brother. Or he’d be napping when we did lessons.

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