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New and Improved Homeschool Schedule

A few weeks I shared our homeschool curriculum choices for the year and a few people commented that it looked like we were doing a lot. Truth is that we are but we don’t do all of that every single day of the week. I have completely revamped our schedule from last year.  Today I’m going to share our new Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool schedule.

 A look at our simple (charlotte mason inspired) homeschool schedule.

Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Schedule

When I decided to throw out our boxed curriculum and really embrace the Charlotte Mason method I was worried about having enough time to do all the things she recommends. If you aren’t familiar with Charlotte Mason just take my word for it: she required alot of her students. I never felt like my children couldn’t handle it but I did worry if I could handle it.

I found a simple solution for our homeschool schedule from another homeschool mom: block scheduling! We have two “blocks” to our homeschool day and it has really helped us to get all of our studies done each week.

Block #1: 8:00-9:30 AM

The first block of our day is for our basic subjects: reading, spelling, writing, and math. We do these subjects every morning (except Thursday). I start off working with my little guy first. He and I spend about 30-45 minutes working on math, reading and handwriting.  While I’m working with little brother, Bubba does his copywork and reads from his reader and reads his bible.  Then they switch and Bubba and I hit the books for math and spelling. Working with Bubba usually takes about 45 minutes. We start with spelling, take a brain break, and then finish with math.

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Break: 9:30-10:00 AM

Before we start the second block of our morning we have a 30 minute “recess”.  This is a time where my boys can go outside and play or ride bikes or scooters. A few times a week I go outside with them and we have homeschool PE time. It’s fun and a great way for us to get some exercise as a family.

Block #2: 10:00 -11:30 AM

This second block of our day has two parts: circle time and then a specific subject. The key to this part of our day is that we do it together.  Circle time for us consists of memory work, hymn study and sign language.  This doesn’t take very long 15-20 minutes max.

After circle time we study the assigned subject for the day.  This is a time when I read aloud from a book while the boys have a snack. After reading aloud we do notebooking pages and/or hands on projects.  We have a schedule of subjects during the week that we rotate:

  • Monday: History
  • Tuesday: Geography
  • Wednesday: Science
  • Thursday: Nature Study
  • Friday: Fine arts (composer/artist studies)

Thursdays are an exception to our two block schedule because the entire morning is dedicated to nature studies. After breakfast and devotions we pack up and head to a nature park for the morning.  All the stuff covered in block #1 is skipped on this day because I really just want to enjoy God’s creation with my boys. Our circle time topics are covered while we rest and have a snack during our walks. And we work on our nature journals either on location or once we get back home.

Our literature reads (poetry, Shakespeare, books, etc) are typically read during lunch and/or at bedtime. I eat before the boys do so I can read while they eat.

There’s a look at how our homeschool schedule allows us to get to all those topics that Miss Mason deemed important. I really love that we are done before lunch time so that the boys have the rest of the day to play and I have time to work.

What does your homeschool schedule look like?

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