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How Single Moms Can Afford to Homeschool

It has become one of my most asked questions: How can you afford to homeschool as a single mom? I get it. It’s an honest question and one that I asked myself a lot when I first became a single mom. Most families struggle to figure out how to homeschool on one income. When it comes to single parent homeschooling things can get a little tricky.

Single parent homeschooling can be done. Come see how this single mom of 2 affords to homeschool her sons.

How to Afford Single Parent Homeschooling

First I just want to say that if God has placed the desire to homeschool on your heart, He will provide a way for you to do so.  The key to affording to homeschool as a single parent is truly learning to depend on God to provide and then being a good steward of those provisions.  He will equipped those that He calls to homeschool!

Here are some practical ways that I’ve been able to homeschool my boys:

  1. Child Support: Children have the right to be supported by both parents. This includes covering the costs of education. Do not allow your ex-husband or child’s father to escape this God given responsibility.
  2. Working from home: I have been able to make a part-time income doing some freelance writing and social media management.  I also make some money from this blog through affiliate sales (thank you!).
  3. Tithing: Be sure to remember to give God a tenth of your earnings. It really isn’t optional.
  4. Budgeting: I have a budget for curriculum each year. It’s $150-200 total. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but I usually end up under budget each year. Figure out what you can afford and stick to that. There’s no reason to be without food or lights because you are spending way too much money on homeschool curriculum.
  5. Free/Frugal Resources: Sometimes I get homeschool curriculum in exchange for reviews or blog posts. That’s a perk of being a homeschool blogger. If you are not a blogger take some time to hang out on sites like Free Homeschool Deals and enter curriculum giveaways when you see them. It can be a great way to get the supplies that you need each year.

Why I Write About Single Parent Homeschooling

 A few months ago I teamed up with my iHomeschool Network family to write The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. I contributed 2 chapters: Single Parent Homeschooling and Homeschooling Elementary Aged Boys.  The reason that I chose to write on these topics is because I felt like we (single moms and moms of little boys) needed a voice. Homeschooling alone is a lot of work. It requires lots of time, energy and sacrifice and we need to know that by the grace of God it can be done! Same with teaching those little boys that are full of energy!

The Big Book is full of so much wonderful information from experienced homeschool moms. There are topics like homeschooling teens, homeschooling with a baby and teaching multiple ages. For a full list of topics check out the Table of Contents.

For a limited amount of time (until November 10th) you can save $2 off The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas with the code “homeschool”.  Hurry up and grab a copy today so you don’t miss out on this amazing deal! 

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This post is part of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour.Be sure to visit my friends Dianna Kennedy from The Kennedy Adventures and Carisa Hinson from 1+1+1=1 for some fun giveaways and more homeschool encouragement.

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Why Co-ops Don’t Work For Us

Whenever someone finds out that I homeschool I get asked the same questions. People are curious about what curriculum I use,  how I manage as a single mom, when do I find time for myself and if we are in a homeschool co-op.  I have shared some answers to the first three questions and now I’m going to answer that last one. No we are not in a homeschool co-op. Why We Aren’t in a Homeschool
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New and Improved Homeschool Schedule

A few weeks I shared our homeschool curriculum choices for the year and a few people commented that it looked like we were doing a lot. Truth is that we are but we don’t do all of that every single day of the week. I have completely revamped our schedule from last year.  Today I’m going to share our new Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool schedule. Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Schedule When I decided to throw out
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