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#1 Thing My Children Need to be Successful 

When my oldest was in preschool he wanted to be a teacher. A year later he also wanted to be a rescue diver like his favorite cartoon, Rescue Heroes. Over the years I have watched as he changed his mind. Currently he wants to be a solider, a missionary and open a restaurant with his brother.

My little one has had some interesting ideas about what his future would hold. At one point he wanted to be a polar bear! He then moved on to a race car driver, rescue diver (like big brother) and lately he has been focused on his lemonade stand/ restaurant where you can eat even if you don’t have any money.

Listening to my boys share their plans for the future has provided me many laughs over the years.  But recently I really started thinking about what they would be when they grow up.  Like any other parent I also started to wonder how I would make sure that they were prepared for that future.

I don’t know if my oldest is going to fight for his country in ten years or spend his days sharing his love of God with others in a foreign land. I’m pretty sure my little one will never become a polar bear but he may open that business. The one that that I do know is that if they are going to be successful at anything in the future there’s one thing that they need.

Last year I realized that choosing to homeschool my boys was not really about their education. Homeschooling for us is about discipleship: raising my children to follow God.  It’s the reason that I refuse to allow society to socialize my children. Why I choose curriculum with a Christian worldview. And why our day is not complete if we haven’t spent time in the Word.

If  my children are truly going to be successful they must learn to hear and follow the voice of the Lord. 

Society today may tell us that test scores, sports and making lots of money it was matters. But they often get it wrong. I am learning that it’s my job to help my boys grow closer to God so that He can lead them down the path He created them for.

I always tell my boys that they can be a janitor or a brain surgeon but the most important thing is to live a life that pleases God. Even if that means standing alone or going against the culture.  If my boys grow up loving the Lord then I have done my job as their mama.

I’m joining my iHomeschool Network sisters today as we write about growing successful children. Be sure to check out the other posts here!


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