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Facing Homeschool Math Curriculum Fears

I have a confession to make: I don’t like math. I didn’t like it when I was in school and I still don’t like it as a homeschool mom. Homeschool math is probably the #1 subject that strikes a little bit of fear in my heart every single year.

My oldest has really struggled with math. Actually I have struggled to find a way to teach him math that works best for him. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown out a homeschool math curriculum. For the last 2 years we’ve stuck with the same curriculum and I’m finally seeing some progress!

Every homeschool mom has a subject that strikes fear into her heart. For me it's math. But I have found a homeschool math curriculum that is helping me to have no fear when it comes to higher level math. Come check it out!

This post is sponsored by Unlock Math. 

Struggling these past few years to teach my sweet boy the basics of elementary math has really caused me some anxiety as I look ahead to higher level math.  I think of the years that we have spent working on addition and subtraction facts and panic.

What am I going to do when we get to Algebra?

My Fears When it Comes to Homeschool Math Curriculum

Recently I had to admit to myself that math terrifies me. It’s the one subject that causes me to feel inadequate as a homeschool mom.  What am I so afraid of?

  • That my son will be the first homeschooler that never learns Algebra because I failed to teach him his math facts
  • That my boys will have questions that I cannot answer on their math assignments
  • That one of my boys will become a math whiz and I won’t be able to keep up with his passion for numbers

Essentially I’m a big fat scaredy cat when it comes to math.  My fears are really about myself and the possibility that I will fail my boys than anything else.

What I Look for in a Homeschool Math Curriculum

After struggling through different curriculum and finally getting small clues into how my son learns best I have a short list of things that I look for in a math program:

  • Flexibility: I have learned that sometimes I need to be able to get creative with our math assignments. Can I cut up your worksheet so my son only sees a few problems at a time? Can we break up the lesson into smaller chunk throughout the morning?
  • No Distractions: we have tried a few online math programs before but there was too much happening on the screen that my easily distracted learner could not focus on the lesson.
  • Independence: As my son get older I’m constantly looking for ways that I can give him independence with his assignments but at the same time still keep track of his progress and be available to help or just be confused right along with him.

Facing My Homeschool Math Curriculum Fears

Here’s the thing that I have to keep reminding myself: as a homeschooler there are many options when it comes to all subjects including math. In fact I don’t even have to be the one that teaches higher level math to my boys if don’t want to.

There are many different options that will allow my boys to move forward in their study of math without me having to worry that I’m getting in their way.  One of these options is Unlock Math. When I first heard that there was a company with an online homeschool math curriculum for higher level subjects I was eager to learn more about them. When I was offered the chance to check out their program for free I jumped on it!

We got a sneak peak of Unlock Pre-Algebra! I have to say that I was very pleased with what I saw. The site is easy to navigate and it is a safe learning environment for your children.

I also really loved that there are very few distractions during the course videos. My oldest is very easily distracted and often online learning sites and programs are just too busy for him. This is not an issue with Unlock Math. They only show one question at a time on the screen! I love this it will help keep my boys from feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do and is something that mirror what I’m currently doing to help them be successful in math.

The course is also easy to customize for each child. If your students needs more practice on a topic that is not a problem at all there are more practice questions available for each lesson. And if they pick something up quickly you can skip practice that they don’t need.

My boys aren’t quite ready yet for Pre-Algebra but I’m more confident about what we will do when they are!

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