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How Homeschool Moms Find Time for Themselves

One question that I get asked alot as a single mom and a homeschool mom is how do I find time for myself.  I’ve heard bunches of people say to me that they could never homeschool because they need to have time to themselves. The truth is that parenting means that you have less time for yourself. There I said it!  When you become a parent you have someone in your life and home that is going to require a lot of your time and energy. That said there are things that I do to recharge and get some time to myself during the day and week.

People often ask how I find time to myself as a homeschool mom. I'm sharing some ways I've been able to carve out some time to recharge and rest so that I can serve and bless my family better.

How Homeschool Moms Can Find Time for Themselves

When my boys were really little (like babies and toddlers) I gave up on having time for myself.  Between nursing, laundry, nursing, potty training, nursing and trying to keep a somewhat clean house it just wasn’t possible. I’m now in a season where my boys don’t need me every single second of the day so I get some time to myself during the day:

  • Get up before the children: This isn’t really possible for me because my boys are up before the sun. But I do have some time in the morning that’s just for me. My boys play in their room and I take time to pray, have devotions, work a little or exercise.  I feel like I’m not chasing the rest of the day when I have that time.
  • Afternoon quiet time: My boys don’t nap anymore but we still have quiet time in the afternoon. It’s 1-2 hours where they go to their rooms to “rest” (play quietly or listen to audiobooks) and I have some time to do something just for me. Sometimes I use this time to work or do housework. Sometimes I take a much needed nap or read a book.
  • Early bedtime: This is great for my boys and for me. My boys are usually asleep by 8pm. I try to have any household chores done before they go to bed so that I can relax for a few hours. I watch tv, read, write, listen to podcasts anything that is just for me.

Having time each day to myself is great but there are times when I need a little more than that.  For me I don’t have another adult that can care for my boys while I get away for a night or a weekend so I have to get creative. Once a week I turn my bathroom into a spa and I pamper myself a little. I take a detox bubble bath while listening to podcasts or reading a book. I give myself a mani and pedi. Sometimes I pop some popcorn and watch a movie on Netflix. 

When my boys are gone for an afternoon or an overnight with their dad I do my best not to work the entire time. Recently I was able to have my first getaway for the Real Refreshment Retreat and I’m praying that I can go next year too. A few weeks ago my boys went to Pow Wow with their Royal Ranger group and I had a day to myself. I did spend some time working but I also made time to go see a movie and grab some lunch with a friend. 

What are some ways that you carve out time during your day or week to rest and get refreshed?

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Learning About Snakes

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