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Learning About Snakes

Last month I learned a new fun thing about homeschooling boys: they love snakes!  Now I know that isn’t boy specific because girls love snakes too but there’s just something different about boys I think. My oldest kept finding black racers outside for months. There was even on hanging out in a tree at church one Sunday morning {insert Garden of Eden joke here}.  One day at the library I was not surprised when he grabbed a snake book and then asked to do a lapbook on it.

Snake lapbok and unit study for elementary students |

I have a confession to make: I don’t like lapbooks.  Actually I don’t like putting them together. The cutting and pasting and coloring just aren’t my thing. But I didn’t want to discourage my son from learning something new so I told him to run with it.  For a few weeks he read his book and learned about copperhead snakes and then he worked on his lapbook. He did all the cutting and coloring and most of the writing.

I think he did a great job! He even asked if I would share in on my blog so other people could get ideas about how to make one. I think I may have a future blogger in my home. Oh and before I forget we also found some great information in our DK Snake book and this Let’s Read and Find Out Science book.

A peek into his snake lapbook

 snake lapbook 1

snake lapbook 2

We learned so much from this study.  I am terrified of snakes but I had a great time listening to all the new facts that my son was learning. Did you know that some snakes play dead to get away from predators? I didn’t.  Also we learned that Copperhead snakes have live births instead of laying eggs.  Bubba decided that he wanted to become the resident snake expert and I’m loving that. One thing that he had fun doing was locating where different snakes lived on our wall map. It was a great way to bring in some geography into this animal study.

Using a map to add some geography lessons to our snake laptop and unit study |

Resources for a snake lapbook

We used the snake lapbook from Homeschool Share.  I didn’t print off every single piece of this lapbook. We went through the sections and picked a few that looked interesting.  If you are looking for other snake lapbooks check these out:

We had a lot of fun watching YouTube videos as well. Actually, my boys had lots of fun watching the videos while I hid in the kitchen.

Here are some fun sites with great information:


If you have older children check out this middle school snake lapbook over at These Temporary Tents.

What are your children into these days? And other budding snake experts?
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Spring Art and Nature Study

We are really enjoying our nature studies right now. For the past few months my boys and I have been studying birds.  One day as we were working on copywork and I noticed a robin outside the window. I pointed it out to my boys and we spent the next 30 minutes watching as a bunch of birds came in front of our window. That morning we saw robins, blue jays, house wrens, a woodpecker and
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Bug Sensory Bin with Math Activities

It’s no secret that we love to read here. One of the first books that Bubba read all on his on was I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown. Does that name look familiar?? She wrote Goodnight Moon among other great kid’s books. With Spring here (or at least it should be) I thought it would be fun to do something with bugs and sensory bins.  I had been wanting to do more sensory activities with
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