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Back To School Bible Giveaway

It's Back to School time this time of the year! We started our new year a few weeks ago and are settling in to our new routine.  One thing that I'm really excited about is reading through the Old Testament with my boys during our morning bible time. **Grapevine Studies is having a HUGE sale right now. You can save 20% off the OT and NT Bundles. Plus you get a free timeline with your purchase. ** Dianna (the creator of Grapevine Studies) is one of my favorite people. She has such a big heart.  I'm so excited to be able to bless one of you with this Back to School Bible Study Kit! It's a great … [Read More...]

Are you struggling to make geography relevant to your children? One way that I have found to keep homeschool geography revelant, fun and still simply is with literature. Come see what books we're using this year!

Teaching Geography with Literature

I already shared how I'm keeping geography simple for my boys this year.  I wanted to share one more way that we are enjoying geography but still keeping things manageable and fun: literature! My boys love looking at maps. I have a few wall maps in the dinning room and they are always looking for different places. I noticed that whenever we would read a book they wanted to know where it was on the map.  Often there were no maps because it was a fictional story so I ended up searching the internet for maps for them. We had fun tracking Growly's journey through three books, and drawing a map of … [Read More...]

Planning a homeschool schedule and lesson plans can be a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. You can plan for as long as a year or as short as a week without losing your mind. I'm sharing some easy to follow steps to help you out. Perfect for all homeschooling families, especially single moms and work at home moms!

Creating a Homeschool Schedule that Works for You!

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is lesson planning. Yes I'm weird like that.  I love makings lists and filling out calendars. I know not everyone thinks the same way though.  Truth is that creating a homeschool schedule is part of what must be done if you are going to have a successful year.  You do need a plan so that you can have a sense of direction during the year. I'm going to walk you through the basic steps that I use to plan our entire year. Yes I plan for the year and no it doesn't take a very long time. You can use the following steps to plan as much or little as you need … [Read More...]

Are you struggling with teaching your homeschool child grammar? There are many options out there and I've decided to take a stress free approach to grammar. Come see how I'm using fun books and videos to teach grammar instead of a curriculum.

Teaching Grammar Without a Curriculum

I have vague memories of learning grammar in elementary/middle school. I remember walking into class and having sentence or two to fix eacch day. I remember learning a little bit about editing in high when we were mastering the art of essay writing. But that's about it.  It's probably one reason why my grammar skills are terrible now. I was more interested in the writing and thinking parts of English class and not so much the mechanics.  I knew that teaching grammar would be something I'd have to face at some point as a homeschool mom so I did my best to ignore it for as long as I could. As … [Read More...]

My children don't know what grade they are in. Neither do I. For my homeschool I have chosen not to focus on grade levels. Come find out why and how I know if my children are learning what they need to.

No, We Don’t Know What Grade We’re In

It's a common question: "What grade are you in?" My boys usually look at me with a confused look on their face and I do my best to answer.  It's one of those things that isn't really a homeschool myth for us. We really have no idea about grade levels here and I'm okay with that. In fact I did it on purpose. ©olly | Dollar Photo Club Why I Don't Focus on Grade Level Schools have to have a system of organizing students so they have grade levels. It helps them to create a system of moving your children from the start of school until graduation.  Even within that system you will find … [Read More...]