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Are you struggling with teaching your homeschool child grammar? There are many options out there and I've decided to take a stress free approach to grammar. Come see how I'm using fun books and videos to teach grammar instead of a curriculum.

Teaching Grammar Without a Curriculum

I have vague memories of learning grammar in elementary/middle school. I remember walking into class and having sentence or two to fix eacch day. I remember learning a little bit about editing in high when we were mastering the art of essay writing. But that's about it.  It's probably one reason why my grammar skills are terrible now. I was more interested in the writing and thinking parts of English class and not so much the mechanics.  I knew that teaching grammar would be something I'd have to face at some point as a homeschool mom so I did my best to ignore it for as long as I could. As … [Read More...]

My children don't know what grade they are in. Neither do I. For my homeschool I have chosen not to focus on grade levels. Come find out why and how I know if my children are learning what they need to.

No, We Don’t Know What Grade We’re In

It's a common question: "What grade are you in?" My boys usually look at me with a confused look on their face and I do my best to answer.  It's one of those things that isn't really a homeschool myth for us. We really have no idea about grade levels here and I'm okay with that. In fact I did it on purpose. ©olly | Dollar Photo Club Why I Don't Focus on Grade Level Schools have to have a system of organizing students so they have grade levels. It helps them to create a system of moving your children from the start of school until graduation.  Even within that system you will find … [Read More...]

I never really thought about where I was spending my money until I read Pauline's story. Come learn more about this amazing woman, Mercy House and how you can be part of making sure these wonderful women are not forgotten!

When a Bag Makes You Cry

Can I be honest for a second? I have never really given much thought about where my money goes when I'm shopping. I'm not a big shopper really. When I do have to shop I just try to get the best deal for my budget.  Until recently it never occurred to me that there might be a story behind those purchases. I was gifted a box of beautiful things from Fair Trade Friday.  I knew very little about the ministry behind these gifts when I first agreed to be on the team. I was vaguely familiar with Mercy House.  I knew that they were helping women in someway but I didn't really know all the … [Read More...]

We don't have a dedicated homeschool room. We do must of our work at the dinning room table or on the floor somewhere. I used to wish for a school room but now I wouldn't have it any other way! Come see my reasons why.

Homeschooling without a Dedicated School Room

When I first started homeschooling my boys I really wanted a dedicated homeschool room. I would see bloggers posting pictures of their Ikea style rooms with desks and shelves and I would drool over the screen.  For some reason I had it in my head that I needed a room like that in order to be succesful at homeschooling. Flash forward a few years and I have learned to be content with what we have. After years of homeschooling in an apartment I find that I love homeschool without a school room.  I love learning and living life side by side with my boys and really couldn't imagine doing it any … [Read More...]

Are you doing some back to school shopping for your homeschool? Not sure what you need? I'm sharing the 10 things that I consider must haves for my homeschool. Maybe there's something here you can add to your list!

My Must Have Homeschool Supplies

I have always loved back to school shopping. I remember as a girl being excited every summer to head to Kmart to stock up on Lisa Frank folders and notebooks and get my brand new Jansport backpack. Yep I was a true child of the 80s and proud of it! As a homeschool mom I still get excited about back to school shopping. When I first started homeschooling I was overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions that I had to make. Trying to pick out homeschool supplies left me in a panic!  Thankfully I've calmed down quite a bit over the years and now I have a pretty good idea about what I need to buy … [Read More...]