Why Co-ops Don’t Work For Us

Whenever someone finds out that I homeschool I get asked the same questions. People are curious about what curriculum I use,  how I manage as a single mom, when do I find time for myself and if we are in a homeschool co-op.  I have shared some answers to the first three questions and now I’m going to answer that last one. No we are not in a homeschool co-op.

Co-ops are great but not for everyone. I'm sharing why we don't participate in a homeschool co-op.

Why We Aren’t in a Homeschool Co-op

1. I like to keep things simple and easy

The main reason that we are not in any homeschool co-op is because I like to keep things really simple and be at home as much as possible.  It’s just the season of life I’m in. After running myself (and my children) into the ground I finally realized that I needed to slow down and do less. So for now that means no co-ops for us.

But how will your children ever be socialized if you don’t join a co-op?

This is a question that I get asked often. The truth is that I’m not interested in socialization for my boys. Yep I said it.  We head to the playground, church, Royal Rangers and interact with people of all ages on a regular basis. And even if we were in a homeschool co-op I wouldn’t be depending on that to provide social interaction.

2. It’s not in the budget

Another reason that we are not involved in a homeschool co-op is price. My homeschool budget is around $200 a year so that doesn’t leave much room for extras like co-ops. I’ve not found any free co-ops in my area and even the cheapest one is out of my price range.

3. I’m lazy

It’s true I am. Remember when I shared why I would be a terrible public school parent? A lot of those sames reasons are why I wouldn’t commit to a co-op right now. I just can’t commit to being anywhere else on time each week right now.

Those are a few of the big reasons that we are not in a homeschool co-op.  It works for us right now so I’m sticking to it. I have found that it helps me to avoid homeschool burnout and I can enjoy being with my boys more when we spend most of our time together at home. And we just because we don’t co-op doesn’t mean that we don’t get to hang out with other homeschool families. We get together with a few friends 1-2 times a month to play, relax and chat.

Does your family do homeschool co-ops?

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